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Analysis Paralysis: Craft room color

As is my way, the craft room looks 100x worse now that I’ve started to “organize” it. The plan is to paint the walls yellow, move in some of the white cubby shelves that I’ve had since the original apartment, get some gray curtains, look at getting a counter-height table and GET CRAFTY!

But I’m stuck on step one. I’m torn between 2 different yellows.



Color 1 is called Surfboard Yellow.
Color 2 is called Sunbeam.

The window faces south, so no direct sunlight, if that even matters. And yes, the sellers painted over wallpaper so I plan on keeping up that tradition. I’ll look at those seams as a design feature.

Or maybe I’ll just lay washi tape down over top of them. 😉

So… 1 or 2?

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