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Weekend update

(slyly puts some Disney music on in the background)

Weekend in a nutshell: Mom’s Family BDay dinner friday at the Olive. No drinking, no bread. World of Warcraft Saturday/Sunday. Leota, the undead mage is now 15! Wings win 15-8! I’m up WAY too late for a Sunday night.

Upcoming Work week: End of month reports tomorrow. Training on Tuesday. New product launch on Wednesday. (bueno?) Can’t say much more due to suspected moles at work.

Upcoming Social week: Birthday party tomorrow night. (must buy gift for 5-yo girl) Flower Show on Wednesday. Aunt’s BDay dinner on Friday (must buy gift for ??-yo woman). Baby shower luncheon SOMETIME this week. (Oh, please not tomorrow! Must buy gift for unknown-gender baby)

Survivor: Lordy Lordy Lordy, am I in full-on Survivor Love with Fireman Tom. He’s a leader! He’s a workhorse! He kills snakes and tries to kill sharks! He’s the best survivor I’ve seen in seasons – meaning he has a huge target on his back and will probably be out soon. Nonetheless, this season of Survivor is one of the best in recent memory. Everyone I hated is gone and there are at least 5 who I wouldn’t mind seeing make it to the end. If you enjoyed the early seasons of Survivor and grew bored/pissed with the later seasons, try to catch Survivor:Palau.

Pet update: Max – still trying desperately to catch rabbits. Charlie – has picked up the strange habit of yowling after 11pm until I go up to bed. Misty – still scowly.

Diet update: Fridge is full of healthy (healthful?) stuff. This week, breakfast will be yogurt and two prunes. (Prunes suggested in my “French Women Don’t get Fat” book) Mid morning snack will be sugar free jello. Lunches will vary, depending on the errands I need to do at lunch. (See “Social week,” above) I have Graham crackers, Ritz Bits, and Smartfood popcorn bags, too. They’ll rotate through “Drive-home snack” duty. I’m going to try to homecook my dinners, and add lemon juice to my water to aid digestion.

Thursdays are now Size-Ten Thursdays, wherein I try on a size-10 item of clothing. So far I’m 2 for 2, both with size-10 pants. I wonder how my size 10 shorts fit? Because one never knows when one may be plunged into a warm environment and need shorts, hm?

Welcome home, Martha!

Cat yowling. Time for bed.

Settling in

Listening to Jessica Simpson sing is like listening to someone make balloon animals. You have to endure a bunch of random squeaking noises and cringe while waiting for the POP.

How are we coping w/the house?


When we were at the dingy apartment, all Max wanted to do was run free. So here we are, with a big fenced backyard, and he’s terrified of it. When we let him out, he stays firmly upon the concrete patio, and will only go onto the grass if one of us is out there beckoning him to come. Not good. When he’s in, he’s very clingy and is never far from me.


Charlie, the big orange cat, hasn’t eaten since Friday night. He was AWOL for a day and a half once we moved in. I was positive that he had crawled into a duct (how? who knows?) or fallen into a hole in the basement (where? who knows?). Worried myself sick. Then I realized he was smushed in my closet between my longest skirt, the wall, and behind a boot. This cat is over 20 pounds. That’s a lot of smushing. Soon after I discovered his hidey-hole, he disappeared again, only to reappear at nights in bed when I sleep. No clue where he is right now. He’ll eat when he’s hungry enough, I guess.


My tiniest pet is Misty. Misty is fearless. She’s been all over this house, basement to 2nd floor. Her favorite spot is the top basement step. I think she enjoys watching us almost tumble to our deaths as we try to avoid her. Above is Misty, acting as if she were the one who signed the deed.

RIP Mickey

State of the Pooch:
Our Mickey passed to the Rainbow Bridge tonight. David and my mom were with him as Dr. Biele at the UoP Hospital helped him on his way. There was nothing else that could be done. He is now free of needle pricks and pills and bumps on his body and kidney stones and cloudy eyes. The only pain left behind is ours.

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