Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces...

January 1, 2003 – evening

Happy New Year! I beat John in Foosball tonight!! 🙂 And although I have a fetching new outfit from H&M, I don’t wanna go back to work tomorrow. H&M, to me, is like a Eurotrash Old Navy.

First yoga class of the Winter 1 session is next Wed, but I’m going to miss it because we’re having dinner at Dad’s.

The closer we get to war, the more I regret voting for Bush. I mean, he’s head and shoulders over Gore, but I don’t like how he’s managing to piss off the world. You can’t win a war on terrorism. Bin Laden got away. Now he wants Saddam just so we can win something. But if you offer Joe Lieberman to me in 2004, I’ll put a dozen Bush stickers on my car.

New Year’s Eve

I ache from working out last night. Very sleepy too. I don’t know how I’ll hang in until after midnight. If I don’t take a lunch, I can leave at 1:00 and nap until 5:00. I think I’ll try out the new hot rollers Mom gave me for Christmas. At worst I’ll look like Harpo Marx. 😉

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