Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces...

January 5 2003 – evening

It’s snowing! We’ve got snow!

Mom and I went out this afternoon to have lunch at Panera (French Onion soup) and then to shop at Echelon Mall, which is falling apart quickly. It lost anchor store number 4, Sears, last year. Anchor store #2, JCPenney, is closing later this month. That’s sad for me personally — I worked there for almost 4 years thru college and although they had odd management practices I have many good memories of my coworkers and customers. Most of the ‘ name’ stores inside are closing, like Fashion Bug, Petite Sophisticate, and Hallmark. The stores that are filling them are no-name Mom and Pop joints selling cheap no-name fashions and kitchy knickknacks. Which is fine to have, but too many of those stores will bring the mall down.

Anyhoo, I went to Strawbridge’s and got a down jacket for 50% off plus an additional 10% off. I think it came to $67.00 total. And it’s warm!! Also picked up some curtains for my middle (now dining) room. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to Genuardi’s to food shop because of the snow…which is at 3 inches and counting. It doesn’t take much to dissuade me from food shopping. So I drove through Dunkin’ Donuts and we had donuts for dinner. (groan) At least the Apple ones have apples in them…you know…fruit?

OK…I know…no excuse. I also had a Vanilla Chai drink — mmmmmmmm.

I took a few photos and will most probably post them to the site tonight. Now I’m nailing all of my kitch back onto the middle (now dining) room walls. I’m frightening when I wield a hammer. 🙂

January 4, 2003 – evening

Mood: happy/sleepy
Yum! What a great dinner at Fork! Although we arrived 30 minutes late due to bad Yahoo Map directions, the table was held for us. I had the Seafood Bisque, Free-range Chicken covered in some sort of sauce with Red Bliss potatoes and Cauliflower, and Peppermint Tea infused Creme Brulee for dessert.

(note: I’d give my pinky toe anytime for a good creme brulee!)

Had a glass of Fabiano Pinot Grigio. I’m a wine idiot — know nothing about it but have heard the term Pinot Grigio before so I ordered it. It was supposed to have a red apple hint to it, but whenenver I drink wine I only taste wine. 🙂

So now I am sleepy and full and happy and content, so I will shoo to bed now, where I will most likely forget to write in my real life handwritten journal before I drift away.


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