46 years of "meh"

January 2 2003 – morning
January 1, 2003 – evening
First pledge to watch more TV

January 2 2003 – morning

Hard to get up this morning. Did my daily duties for Thursday, so I’ll now get my milk (skim…new year!) and take down the Christmas (note: NOT Holiday) decorations here in the department.

By the way, to all of you joggers in Haddonfield who think it’s wise to wear all black, nothing reflective, and run in the street at 5:00 am — you’re all candidates for the Darwin award. Especially beloved by me are the folks who dash across the street without warning, and not in crosswalks or at corners.

Cars:Streets::Pedestrians:Sidewalk. ‘Kay?

January 1, 2003 – evening

Happy New Year! I beat John in Foosball tonight!! 🙂 And although I have a fetching new outfit from H&M, I don’t wanna go back to work tomorrow. H&M, to me, is like a Eurotrash Old Navy.

First yoga class of the Winter 1 session is next Wed, but I’m going to miss it because we’re having dinner at Dad’s.

The closer we get to war, the more I regret voting for Bush. I mean, he’s head and shoulders over Gore, but I don’t like how he’s managing to piss off the world. You can’t win a war on terrorism. Bin Laden got away. Now he wants Saddam just so we can win something. But if you offer Joe Lieberman to me in 2004, I’ll put a dozen Bush stickers on my car.

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