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January 13 2003 – lunch
January 13, 2003 – midnight
Sweet merciful crap!

January 13 2003 – lunch

Lunchtime! Had Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken Breast and Mashed Potatoes. Am still triumphantly on healthy eating plan. I still can’t believe I did 5 lbs in 5 days. That’s, as the kiddies say, wack. Then again….I DID go to PF Chang for lunch on Saturday…went to Panera last night…indulged in some Oreos… But 5 pounds?? That’s been on my mind all morning.

You’d think lugging the PERL Black book around all day would work off the weight. :/

Still obsessing about how to eat, I stumbled across the Newsweek cover story on how the food pyramid has failed us all. I…used…

January 13, 2003 – midnight

This is bad. This is very bad.

You see the time? You know what time I start work in the mornings? (5:30) You know what time I usually go to sleep? (About 3 hours ago.) You know what that makes me? Screwed.

Basically, if I manage to hop in bed and fall asleep in the next 3 minutes, I will have MAXIMUM 4 hours sleep. If I try to tough it out and stay up, then I’ll end up being exhausted at 3 am.

Not to mention I feel guilty for calling out sick on Friday — I think that’s keeping me awake. I mean…I get 10 sick days a year. I never use more than 6. What kind of work ethic do I have if I feel crummy for staying home when I feel like crap? Actually, what kind of life ethic do I have?

OK…at least I have SOME idea as to what I’m wearing tomorrow. That’ll help.

Sweet merciful crap!

(a few moments of personal time while my hotjobs convert)

Wt: 148.8 Sweet merciful crap!!!! I gained 5 lbs in that many days? Nuh-uh!! What did I eat? A bunch of porterhouses? That’s it. NOW I’m serious. I am getting down to 135 if I have to shave my head and lose some toes to do it. This is war.

Mood: Well, I’m cheesed off as hell now that I’m closer to 150 than 140 again. I was in a decent mood before that. Grrr…

Work docket: Ingle column update, Hot Jobs, 2:00 meeting w/Features.

Lunch plans: Lean Cuisine, baby. (muttering)

Afternoon/evening: Continue eradication of Christmas from the apartment. Go to gym tonight. (mutters)

What a pain! I’m going to need a whole morning of Dave Matthews music therapy to alleviate this stress. #*%(^#(*@((#…

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