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January 28, 2003 – evening
January 28, 2003 – morning
January 27, 2003 – late evening

January 28, 2003 – evening

Yup…I hibernated VERY well today. I took Dierdre the Pain (Asheron’s Call) out for some fun and games. Here she is to the left in her spiffy new armor and holding her Focusing Stone. It was a very productive night for Dierdre. First, David rejoined the game as his old character, Ursus Pu. She completed the snowglobe ‘quest’ and the Attribute quest, where she managed to transfer 5 of her quickness points to her focus attribute. This makes no sense to you, the layman, but in the world of AC, if you don’t an innate Focus and Self of 100, you’re nothing. Now my focus is 100. In three weeks, I’ll be able to do the quest again and add to my “self.” After dying by tumbling off of the Landbridge in the far south of Osteth, she managed to retrieve her corpse, and work off her vitae penalty in the scary Obsidian Plains.

I played more AC tonight than I had in months. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Now, I’ll go to bed and hopefully not dream of fireballs and killer snowmen.

January 28, 2003 – morning

(downloading mega-huge database)
I will not be Cathy
Wt: Not today — I will not become “Cathy”
Mood: Sleeepy
Work docket: Already did static. Will generate some ideas for a customer service page. Have to do weekly numbers for Alex. Recipe updates. Promo banners. (sigh)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese
Afternoon/Evening: hibernation.

RE: Kitty cloning: Today, South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper finally says it best. Adopt a cat. Don’t clone ’em.

Back to work!

January 27, 2003 – late evening

Folded some laundry, cooked up some pasta with a tomato,basil, and garlic topping, and hopped into AC for a bit. Every patch to the game takes it farther and farther away from what I used to know. But thanks to my great guildmates, I have a new set of Amuli armor that buffs up to over 500 Armor Level. To compare, I had previously been wearing a robe that gave me 240 AL. So I should be in VERY good shape now.

But alas and alack, I am tired…so off to bed I go. Goodnight!

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