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January 22, 2003 – morning
January 21, 2003 – afternoon
January 21, 2003 – morning

January 22, 2003 – morning

A moment of rest before continuing w/my workday.

Wt: 143.2 (grrr)
Mood: Cold!
Work docket: Did online mall. Will update Chef’s table, recipes, and do some more Taste of Home promo. Have a conference call at 10 am about a project I haven’t thought about in weeks.
Lunch: brought Lean Cuisine Chicken and something-or-other. Will probably get a salad instead.
Afternoon/evening: Cleanup from last night’s Martha Stewart macncheese. It’s a great recipe. I just hate that I need to use three pots and a baking dish to make it.

I was in bed by 9 pm last night. Sometimes the ol’ bod just doesn’t want to stay up late. Every time I feel old for falling asleep early, I remind myself that not everyone has to be at work at 5:30 am like me. 🙂

Today Roe v Wade turns 30. Though I would never have an abortion, I won’t deny the rights of women who feel they have to have them.

January 21, 2003 – afternoon

Worked through lunch, but managed to get up to date with the recipes. 🙂 A funny and awkward moment was when somebody congratulated me on my Rising Star award. Oops! I guess they didn’t get the memo…

Now that I’m home, I had my LC Mac and Cheese. I’ll take the poor pained-looking dog out, scoop the catboxes, and play some of Audrey Rose Sim. I *really* should rather be paying attention to my kitchen….

January 21, 2003 – morning

Wt: 143.3 (will I EVER manage to stay below 143?)
Mood: Unappreciated
Work docket: Today I’m dedicating myself to the recipes database, which I have horribly neglected.
Lunch plans: Brought Lean Cuisine MacNCheese, but am sorely tempted to hit the mall.
Afternoon/Evening: Continue with laundry, maybe make Martha’s MacNCheese for dinner. Ugh. MacNCheese for lunch AND dinner? Well, that’s poor planning. Maybe I’ll just have a salad for lunch.

I’m trying not to be “Sour Grapes” about the Rising Star snub, but it’s very hard when people continually ask why our department was overlooked. I guess rather than tell them the real reasons, I’ll just say we suck. That should shut them up.

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