46 years of "meh"

January 27, 2003 – evening
January 27, 2003 – lunchtime
January 27, 2003 – morning

January 27, 2003 – evening

This afternoon I went to the gym. I also ate 7 clementines and an English Muffin.

I am perplexed.

Am I doing WELL today? Or doing poorly? Clementines are only 35 calories each. And they’re fruit. I mean…fruit isn’t bad, right? As long as it’s not in “Roll-up” or “Pop-tart” form I should be ok.

God help me, my life’s turning into a Cathy strip….NO more obsessing about food.

January 27, 2003 – lunchtime

Lunchtime! (well, the 15 minutes of it that I took…)

Lean Cuisine meal was ok. I’m really hungry though. I don’t know how I’ll possibly make it to dinner without snacking.

I completed hot jobs, lank page (pending approval), online law, VCR contest, Faith section, and scheduled 2 ads to run on the site. I cannot wait to go home. I’ll spend my last 45 minutes here looking at customer service ideas.

January 27, 2003 – morning

(Monday…waiting for some ads to convert to PDFs)

Mood: Sleep deprived
Work docket: Hot jobs, create Barry Lank archive page, update Keeping the Faith, online law, update VCR contest page w/winner info, customer service page template
Lunch plans: Lean Cuisine Chicken and cream sauce
Afternoon: Gym (whimper)
Evening: Bundle up against the evil cold. Maybe go grab a 2003 WDW guidebook

Superbowl thoughts: What were they thinking when they planned Shania Twain to perform at Half-time? What’s worse, she did the “Man, I feel like a woman” song (in which she yelps like a puppy). Hullo?? This is the Super Bowl. I’m sure men LOVED that. Funny was watching the scab audience of young adults leaping and cheering for Shania, and in the distance seeing the actual Superbowl audience (men) looking bored out of their minds. Shania lipsynced and made her exit on a cherry picker while singing “Up.” Then No Doubt performed. Gwen actually sang! Kudos to Gwen (Though why she sang “I’m Just a Girl” eludes me.) That’s a 7 year old song at least. Sting was up next, which was cool. He and Gwen sang “Message in a Bottle” together — that was good to watch. No Shania though. I guess she didn’t want to really sing. The commercials, at least from the middle of the second quarter to the beginning of the fourth, when I quit the game, were pretty lame. As a woman, I found the beer ones a bit insulting. Usually they’re funny. I guess the great commercials run in the first quarter.
dining room
To the right is a photo of my dining room set. We got the table, the 4 side chairs, and the china cabinet in the light oak, not that really light color that the end chair is in. Click on the photo to see a larger picture.

It’s 7:35, and the early birds have begun to arrive and turn on the lights in the rest of the building. And thus begins another week of razzle-dazzle at South Jersey’s BEST newspaper.

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