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February 11, 2003 – evening
February 11, 2003 – morning
February 10, 2003 – evening

February 11, 2003 – evening

What a totally awesomely busy day! I took a lot of time to redesign the Bridal Guide. It should be done tomorrow, and I’m very pleased with it. The HC lunch was bearable…but I didn’t pay much attention to it since I really had my WebDiva mojo going on.

THEN…this afternoon I played a bit of Asheron’s Call. Two dear friends and guildmates, Heart of Flame and Monkey Overlord accompanied me to the Legionnaire and Eviscerator Lairs so I could collect pincers (claws taken from an Olthoi, which is an insect-like monster). Upon turning in the two trophies, I received 3,500,000 experience points! Geez!! I’m now 1/2 way to level 58. This is amazing. 🙂

I’ll nuke some soup or something in a few minutes. I really should run the carpet steamer. I mean…REALLY I should.

February 11, 2003 – morning

(downloading huge database…waiting…)

Wt: 141.8 (am pleased, given the large dinner I had on Sunday)
Mood: Anxious…there is so much to be done here at work
Work Docket: Did static. WANTED to work on new customer service section, but the Bride and Groom supplement (orig. planned to come out on Thursday) came out today. I wanted some lead time to work on that so I can make a nice presentation, but it looks as if I’ll have to give it the McDonald’s treatment (plain but fast). I also want to work on some banners to promo the upcoming redesign.
Lunch Plans: Healthy Choice chicken and pasta in a cream sauce. I’ll reserve judgement.
Afternoon Plans: Mail letters @ Post Office, steam clean carpets
Evening Plans: Unknown. I want to try and figure out something to do on Friday night.

While I was at the Y yesterday I was watching CNN Headline News on the overhead TV. I saw mention of the upcoming expansion to the Patriot Act. Now, given that the TV was on mute without closed captioning enabled, all I saw was the graphics that CNN showed. Which contained scary phrases like “secret arrests” and “expatriation.” I was kind of itchy about the first part of the Patriot Act, so now I’m VERY itchy about the second part. I think I’m going to have to read more about this…here’s a good place to start.

February 10, 2003 – evening

Quite a productive evening for a Monday. I cleaned the kitchen, wrote out a few bills, made my WDW reservation for May (we’re going with the Blackwells again — I love vacationing with them…hopefully they don’t mind!), nuked a Healthy Choice Pizza, and updated

Didn’t play Asheron’s Call tonight. I usually take a day or two off after I level.

And after I give the pup his insulin shot, I’m off to bed! G’night!

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