46 years of "meh"

February 14, 2003 – afternoon
February 14, 2003 – morning
February 13, 2003 – evening

February 14, 2003 – morning

(waiting for hot jobs ads to convert…)

Ugh. (groan) Couldn’t get to sleep until 2:30, DESPITE reading “The Hours” (more whiny women — is a wonder some men make fun of us?) That’s what a nap and caffeine will do…

Oh yeah…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mood: Loving
First major misstep of day: Had ho-hos for breakfast
Work docket: Did entertainment, waiting for hot jobs, then it’s a BANNER day! Let’s see how many banners I can crank out today.
Lunch plans: Scoot to mall…eat salad or subway to compensate for HoHo breakfast. Find a sweet lil’ red top for tonight.
Afternoon/Evening plans: Pack, drop dog at Mom’s, head to Atlantic City before snowstorm does.
V-Day evening: We’re staying at our Hampton Inn for the night, dining at Prime Place Steakouse at Bally’s, (must find Bally’s Player Card) and will gamble. I’d LIKE to grab a bottle of champagne and some flutes to bring along to the Hotel room. Maybe on the way home.
Weekend: Get home sometime tomorrow afternoon. Grab dog. Sunday unknown.

Venus shone brightly today, as did the sunshine.

Catchers and pitchers report to spring training today…how I yearn for spring. 76 days until we leave for WDW…

February 13, 2003 – evening

Got back from Mom’s about 45 minutes ago. She decided NOT to go out to dinner after all and ordered a pizza. So now I’m incredibly jacked up, with the lack of a full belly to soothe me to sleep. (After having 2 slices at lunch, I couldn’t bear more than one this eve.) PLUS…the plant I ordered for her from didn’t arrive today. 🙁

NOW I’m cheesed off. First 1800flowers sends me my flowers a day early. Now my mom’s getting her plant a day late? I think if you order flowers for delivery on a day, it should be delivered THAT day. NOT the day before, not the day after. I mean, what’s the point of ordering something for delivery?

Papa Johns: I know you ordered a pizza for dinner, but dinner’s really a busy time for us, so we decided to deliver it at lunch instead.

I should NOT have taken a nap today.

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