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January 16, 2003 – morning
January 15, 2003 – evening
January 15, 2003 – evening

January 16, 2003 – morning

I have GOT to stop staying up so late.

Wt: 143.3
Mood: pleasant
Work docket: already did communties; doing scrapbook, a job section promo, marketing promo stuff
Lunch plans: I am NOT eating frozen stuff another day. No way. No how. I may head to get a veggie burger at BK or a subway sandwich.
Afternoon/Evening: Have a dermatologist appt at 4:15. Maybe I’ll tackle the bathroom today.

Hey…I didn’t play a lick of an online game last night. Maybe that’s why I got so much accomplished. I’m still listening to the Chicago soundtrack. I’ll probably listen to it for weeks. 🙂

This guy got fired for blogging at work. Well not really for blogging at work, but because he was blogging conservative ideas. IN AMERICA. He makes a good point about this taking less time than what other employees do at work.

January 15, 2003 – evening

The Martha Stewart mac and cheese was delish! Well, after 90 freaking minutes of cooking it, it better be! I left out the nutmeg (didn’t have any) and halved the recipe. It’s very grown-up tasting. But it did take about 90 minutes to prepare and cook.

AND…I managed to redo kimberussell.com without frames. That means I don’t have to target=new my links anymore. The fewer keystrokes the better.

All in all, a day in which I accomplished much of what I set out to do. So once I take the doggie out, I’ll go to sleep feeling like SuperWoman.


January 15, 2003 – evening

Who’s da bomb?? YEAH baby…I went to Target, found the Chicago soundtrack…went to the gym…worked my a$$ off…and am now luxuriously sipping the Toffee Nut Latte I’d been drooling over since…since…(Kim checks her blogs)…yesterday. 🙂

The soundtrack is awesome. I like the vocalizations on them. Nobody’s singing in a screechy, high-pitched, yodeling-gospel voice. Catherine and Renee and Queen Latifah (and the rest of the gals on Murderess’ Row) have full-bodied, REAL grown up women’s voices. Voices that come from the gut.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start Martha Stewart’s “Best Mac and Cheese” recipe. I was going to make it with the Gruyere, but I don’t have a cheese grater–horrors! So I grabbed the Pecorino Romano instead. It was already grated. 🙂

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