celebrating 45 years of "meh"

January 6, 2003 – evening

I was very good and went to Genuardi’s on the way home and bought lots of quality stuff to cook. Then I proceeded to munch on a donut (last night’s dinner) and some Christmas Peppermint Patties and those teeny Snicker’s bite sized things (smaller than the usual “fun size”) that were on sale for 25 cents a bag. Same candy as the regular price….just in festive red and green Ho Ho Ho wrappers. I hope David wakes up soon…he’ll get rid of a bunch of them for me. >:)

I just got back from the YMCA, where I did 1.53 miles on the dinky treadmill (good ones taken), 15 assisted chinups, 15 ab crunchy things and some thigh stuff. I am BEAT tired and could very well just go to sleep for the evening. I officially release myself from any more household responsibilty this day.

Dinner will be a Lean Cuisine unless David wakes up soon. Then some Sims.

January 6, 2003 – lunchtime

Lunchtime! Munching on a Subway 6″ turkey breast sandwich with no cheese and just vinegar for dressing. Add in a Diet Pepsi and a bag of WOW chips and I’m good to go. I don’t usually eat WOW chips (they’re the kind with Olestra which pushes the fat right through your bod) but today I’m super hungry. I’m SO hungry that I’ve finished the whole meal and am just as hungry as I was before I started. (sigh) It’s gonna be a tough day.

Yesterday my ABS (anti-lock brake system) was engaged for the first time during the snowstorm. I felt the brake pedal “clicking” up and down as I pressed on it to stop. Yours truly had NO clue what was going on until Mom told me it was the ABS. If you’re like me and have no idea how ABS work, then stop by this link. If you’re like me, you’ll have to read it a few times.

January 6, 2003 – morning

I have a minute to wait for one of my Hot Jobs to convert to .pdf so I’ll do this morning’s entry.

Wt: 145.3 (um…going in wrong direction here)

What a perfect snow! The roads are clear and dry, but the snow clings to everything else. It makes everything look postcard-perfect. We’re supposed to get perhaps another inch this afternoon. With my new blue snowjacket, I’m prepared. Oh yeah, I know wear snowboots in to work and change into my real shoes when I get here. File that under “More signs I’m getting old.”

Work docket: Hot Jobs, work on new “About Us” section, and update our “Keeping the Faith” section.

Lunch: Subway. I got back on the exercise track last week…now I have to start up with the ‘better eating’ portion of my plan.

Afternoon plans: I’ll stop at Genuardi’s on the way home, as I don’t think another day with a donut-dinner will be very beneficial to me.

Took some photos of Misty and Charlie last night, because they were sitting next to each other on the chaise. It took about 7 shots before I got them both with their eyes open and facing forward.

Comments like the above is a reason why Robert Wood, a sociology professor at Rutgers-Camden says that blogging will likely remain a fad. That article amazes me in that it fails to mention either Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus, or Meg Hourihan. Then again, it’s a GNS story. (evil smile)

Hey! My .pdf’s done…back to work!

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