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January 11, 2003 – evening

Ay-yi-yi, isn’t THIS the longest day ever?

The Eagles pregame is on. I’m still not caring. It was cool to see Phil Anastasia, sports editor for South Jersey’s Best Newspaper on the local pregame show. You go, Phil!

One thing that DOES excite me tonight, though, is outgoing Illinois Governor Ryan’s decision to clear out death row! I think it’s wrong to kill another person. Period. Even if they are the most reprehensible folks on earth, nobody deserves to have life taken from them. I know Ryan will be hammered for this, but I applaud his guts in doing so.

One minute until kickoff. I think I’ll turn off the TV. (evil smile)

January 11, 2003 – afternoon

Happy Saturday!

Saw Chicago at the Ritz 16…what a fantastic film. Go see it. Marvel at Catherine Zeta-Jones’s voice. (Jones’? Jone’s?) See Richard Gere tapdance. Support musicals.

We went to Organized Living this afternoon, where I bought some magazine issue holders and a cheapy ‘beech’ bookcase for the bedroom. Right now my ‘library’ is all over the floors of various rooms. It’ll be nice to get it organized.

I had a large lunch at PF Changs (crispy honey shrimp) and didn’t go to the gym. I’m literally afraid to get on the scale now. I’ve been making excuses for what, 3 weeks now? I have meatballs cooking in the crockpot for dinner — about 4 hours from now. 🙂 I love my weekends.

January 10, 2003 – evening

What an interesting day. I called out sick from South Jersey’s Best Newspaper — ever wake up and your body say, “nope…not today?” Happened to me. I ended up sleeping in until 10:30ish…which is technically half my workday.

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to the gym to get back on track. Again. This has been a very poor eating week. (sheepish grin)

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