celebrating 45 years of "meh"

Things I can do instead of wallowing

List: Things I can do instead of wallowing:

  • Go to the gym Did that. Not my best workout, but I’ve been away from it for over a week
  • Research what kind of plants/flowers will do best on my balcony this year
  • Crack open a PERL book
  • Dabble in PHP
  • Run to Cherry Hill mall to see if they have my sweet lil’ “Down with Love” dress that I saw in Echelon (but not in my size) yesterday
  • Continue with Trip report
  • Play with LadyGypsy.Net
  • Play Asheron’s Call
  • Okay, kids. New workweek.

    Okay, kids. New workweek. I’m going to TRY to pull myself up and out of this funk. I spent a few minutes this morning sitting in the cafeteria and basking in the sunshine that streamed through the windows. It’s been such a terribly sad time since I turned 30. Was my beautiful Walt Disney World vacation really less than a month ago? Where is the joy in my life?

    Wt: No weigh-ins until Thursday.
    Mood: Very sad
    Work docket: Already did Ingle update, Static, and the Hand section. I’m waiting on one Hot Job ad. After that, I’ll work on the Bride and Groom section that surprisingly published two days early. I’ll probably get my headphones out of the car and listen to some music.
    Lunch: I brought a Smart Ones meal today, but I may skip that and head to the mall. I saw a dress at the limited that’s very “Down with Love.”
    Afternoon: I SHOULD go to the gym. I WANT to go to sleep.
    Evening: I suppose I should redo kimberussell.com a bit. I should also do the laundry that I haven’t done since Mickey took ill.

    Au naturel: I left my makeup home. All I have on today is what I could scrape up here in my ‘junk’ drawer — the barest amount of foundation from an almost-empty bottle and a swipe of mascara from an almost empty tube. Blistex too, but that doesn’t count.

    Yeah. I’m still here.

    Yeah. I’m still here. After one superly depressing weekend, it’ll be almost nice to get back to work. We were at Old Navy tonight, and they have flag t-shirts for dogs. Last year, I bought Mickey a red flag bandanna to match my red flag t-shirt. We were styling! This year, if he were still here, I would have bought him the white t-shirt, and bought myself a white one to match. Tonight was hard. I always used to buy him a toy at Old Navy.

    I miss him. I miss his routine. It doesn’t feel right to go to bed without giving him his insulin and letting him out. It doesn’t feel right coming home and not having him bark and greet me. It’s hard to live in a home without snuffles and growls and yips. I miss the way he used to sleep with the tiniest part of his tongue pushed out between his lips. I miss his foul doggie breath. (And it was foul!) I miss my dog.

    Okay…so I’m not really doing better. I’m going to take a nice long shower and head to bed. Send a little good karma my way, will you? I’m struggling here. (btw, the webdiva@kimberussell.com address is still unavailable until I get the password reset…I switched the links to my real addy)

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