My pets

Time is a funny thing. When I started this blog I had a dog and 3 cats. Now we have just one dog and man, it’s different. I look forward to fluffing up this page again.

Ollie, Sep 2010


Aliases: Ollie-bear, Droopus McDoofus, Einstein, Stinkpot
Likes: Ball. Fetching the ball. Chasing the ball. Popcorn.
Dislikes: The vacuum, thinking, thunderstorms

Oh Ollie, my 35th-birthday crisis. Ollie’s allegedly a pure Cocker Spaniel (so say his papers) but upon further examination…I don’t believe it for a second. He’s large, drooly and lumbering. He’s pretty dumb. But he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned, bar none. There is no guile in this dog. He will sleep on your feet until they go numb. He will fetch a ball until he passes out from exhaustion. He has brought a huge amount of joy to our little household.

And although his name is Oliver, we’ve called him Ollie from day one. As a result, when the vet or the groomer calls him “Oliver” he doesn’t even twitch. Yay us.

Gone before us

Max - Sep 10


Aliases: Maximillian, Maxine, Poochus McDoofus, Lightning McPee.
Likes: Sleeping in. Rawhide. Tearing up beanie babies. Tearing up napkins. Stealing food from my trash can. Snuggling close when he sleeps. Paris Pillow.
Dislikes: Sticks. Pouring rain. Strongly scented human food. Being away from home for long.

Max came to me from the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees in 2003 when he was about 1 or 2 years old. We’ll never know for sure. He was a stray before that, so we had a few behavior issues to deal with. But honestly, he’s come so very far that it seems unfair to keep cataloging what he used to do. Max was a social little dog. He constantly bared his teeth, but thankfully never used them. I think he tried to compensate for his small stature. He was all terrier. Possibly Australian Terrier, but we’ll never know for sure. He’d curl up on my lap and snooze while I surf the web. I was completely enamored with this little street dog. I was the center of his universe – this dog would follow me off a cliff. Max passed away on July 14, 2016. He was my heart-dog.

Charlie - May 07


Charlie was about 6 months old when I took him home from my then-job in July 1997 because the original owner’s kid was “allergic.” Right. He used to be pretty large, but lost weight in his older age. Charlie was a scaredy-cat. If anyone he doesn’t know shows up, he dashes into the closet and will stay there until they leave. Over the last few years, Charlie became WM’s cat. Charlie passed away on 8/25/14.

Misty - May 07


I adopted Misty from Gloucester County Animal Shelter for $5.00 and a 10 lb bag of cat food at a pet shop. I originally wanted an orange kitten, but they were gone. So I picked a little girl to be BFF with Noelle, my other cat. They were not BFFs. Misty drooled when she purred and was the best grumpy cat ever. More about Misty’s passing here.

Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Mickey came to us in 1997 from my cousin who couldn’t take care of him anymore. He was quite a little gentleman, and I still miss his snuffles and how good he smelled after his baths.I do not miss giving him twice-daily insulin shots, though.

Noelle was my first cat ever, and arrived on the scene in 1994. We adopted her from the Animal Orphanage. She was slender, silent, and smelled like dust.

Lucky was my dog at Mom’s house. We got her in 1991, again from the Animal Orphanage.

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