Tying up the loose ends

  • The Hundred Dollar Tube of Retin-A is working miracles. I no longer look or feel hideous. It’s not like I was burned in a fire or slashed in the face, but being 31 and having scars from acne is the suck. After 10 days on the stuff (plus some anti-biotic for good measure) I feel like — for the first time in many months — I can go out without makeup.
  • I finally tore open a box to find the wayward pizza stone. Turns out it was in the unsealed, half-packed box that was in the kitchen. Damn pizza stone. (By the way, that post is even funnier if you envision the pizza stone having a French accent)
  • FreezerBurn 2.0 (with new database technology!) is coming soon, I promise. I know I said it’d be up 5/1. The code works. Now I’m just prettying it up.
  • The moving company quoted us a cheaper price than what we planned on. Two weeks from now, I’ll be laying in my new bed in my new house. With the same dog laying across my same foot.

    I’m loving it!

    From age 18 until today, I hated McDonald’s. The only time I’d partake is for my annual Shamrock Shake in March. But that fruit and walnut salad they advertise on TV now looks so yummy. So this morning, I swung there for breakfast to try their fruit and yogurt parfait. Very good, with real fruit and crumbled granola. Only 130 calories and $1.06 total. For lunch, I went back (to a different McD’s to avoid embarrassment) and had their Fiesta Salad (sans sour cream) for lunch. VERY good, and only 350 calories. Who woulda thunk I could eat healthfully at McDonald’s?

    Tonight was the Courier-Post’s annual Best of South Jersey party. Each year the readers vote for the best “whatever” in different categories (Hair salon, hoagies, DJs, etc) and the winners show their wares at the party. Naturally, I was all over the food. I also got my hair braided in a ‘heart’ braid. I was told I look like a St. Pauli Girl. 😉

    From 8-9pm was dancing. The live band was Don’t Call me Francis (warning, noisy website) and WOW they were fantastic. I danced my feet into bloody stumps.

    And THEN they played “Hey Ya.” And your hostess here shook it like a Polaroid picture. I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.

    Speaking of, tomorrow Mom, John and I are going to see the Phillies play at Citizen Bank Park tomorrow night. My first time in the new stadium! (Thor works at 11pm…he’ll be sleeping…I don’t purposefully leave him out of my plans.) I’ll be sure to bring my camera.

    OK. To bed with me.

  • Friday Five!

    Friday Five!

    1. What do you do for a living?
    I am the Online Manager for my local newspaper.

    2. What do you like most about your job?
    The fact that I am dealing with the newest medium. It may sound geeky, but we take all of the great things that our paper has to offer, and bring it BEYOND our circulation area. It means a lot to people who have moved away to keep up with the area. We help them do that, and I’m darn proud of it.

    3. What do you like least about your job?
    Now that I’m in management, I find myself having to be the bad guy on some issues. I hate that. I hate to tell people “no.” But I’m getting better at it. No! See? 😉

    4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because _____…
    …someone in another department gives me a project to do without understanding the work behind it. Although it is possible to write a story, print it that night and circulate it the next morning, my little shop can’t recreate the cool new geegaw you saw at another website by tomorrow morning.

    5. What other career(s) are you interested in?
    Heh. Must be careful…I know people at work read this. I enjoy writing a lot. I’d LOVE to write for a living. But on the practical side, if I ever decide to move on from this position, I’d like to start a not-for-profit that builds attractive, working, non-cookie-cutter websites for schools, churches, and charities. If I had to do it all over again from the start, I probably would be a hospice nurse.

    On that note, today was the suckiest suck that ever sucked. Unbefugly horrible day at work. Oh, everything worked out in the end, but only after 6 hours of my concentration and worry. And, for the first time in my 4.5 years at the CP, a caller made me cry. Not proud of that at all.

    He was upset because I couldn’t properly explain to him the Classified rates that we had on the website. Why, you’re right, Dear Reader…I’m NOT in that department, am I? He asked me my job description. “Well, I’m responsible for the design and maintenance of the paper’s website.” He retorted that since the rates were posted on the website, I should be responsible for explaining them since in his opinion (“I’m a physician…not an idiot”) it wasn’t clear. So he accused me of not knowing how the paper works, not knowing how to do my job, etc. I wriggled off of the phone with him, started to cry, stopped crying, got the proper explanation of the rates, called him back (oh God that was so hard to do), explained the rates, and thanked him for calling. Politely. Professionally.

    In case you’re curious, here we go…
    I CAN’T post the exact rates for your classified ad on the site because it varies depending on:

  • The price of the item you’re selling,
  • The number of lines in your ad, and
  • Our products you choose to run your ad in.

    So there. Dumbass.

    God Bless the Classified Department. They put up with a lot of crap.

  • Tales from homebuying

    If you read blogs daily, as I do, and you see a missing day, do you wonder what happened to the blogger? I certainly do. Maybe they’re dead. Or lost their Internet connection.

    Or maybe there was a technical issue with the site they babysit during the mornings, and they had to go to work super early to fix it.

    Late night Tuesday + early day (and big weekly meeting) Wednesday = Grumpy grumpy Kim. So upon returning home yesterday, I took the dog out and promptly retired to bed for the evening. Nothing like a 12-hour stint in bed to bring the joy back into life!

    And about 30 minutes ago, Thor came home (early!) and trundled into bed. My groom sank his weary health-care-professional bod into the bed, and the comforter and pillows covered him like quicksand.

    Tales from the Homebuyer’s Front: A mostly true account.

    (work phone rings)
    Kim: Online department, this is Kim, how can I help you?
    ???: Hello, Kim. This is Lisa from XYZ mortgage. I have a question about your application.
    Kim: (thinking…) Crap.
    Kim: (speaking) Sure!
    Lisa: You said on your application that you have a Credit Union account with a balance of $ABCD.
    Kim: (thinks proudly of check for $ABC sitting on the desk — all that hard-wonsavings) Yes!
    L: Well, we only see $D in there. And that’s not enough to cover closing costs.
    K: We withdrew $ABC from it to pay closing costs and left $D in there just to keep it open. I have the check for $ABC on my desk at home. Do you need to see the check?
    L: No, that’ll complicate things. We’d like to see the last statement from the account that shows the balance of $ABCD.
    K: (feeling dumb for taking out her own money) Um…sure! I’ll call my husband, Thor, at home. He can run that over to you.
    L: Thor?
    K: Well, he doesn’t want me to give his real name out on my blog, so I refer to him as Thor.
    L: You’re blogging this??!?
    K: Pfff…sorry, Lisa, …pfthhthdhd….you’re cutting out on me…pdghththth..he’ll bring that over!
    L: You’re not on a cell! You’re at work!
    (end call)

    Thor ran the statement over, and all ended well. Mortgage approved, and that info was faxed to the Agents. Lesson learned. If you’re applying for a mortgage, don’t touch your own money until you hear all is OK. It irritates your mortgage company.

    Mood: Well-rested. Hungry.
    Wt: 146, last I checked. Bueno!
    Work docket: Working the numbers, baby.
    Lunch: Rumor says there’s a luncheon today that I need to go to, but I’ll bring my Mandarin Chicken along just in case I’m hallucinating.
    Evening: Survivor! There may be a twist in the works tonight, since Mogo Mogo is the suck and Chapera’s running away with every challenge. If the tribes don’t change, I call Kathy to be voted off. If they do change, I call Alicia.

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