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November 14, 2003
November 3, 2003 – morning
October 31, 2003

November 14, 2003

Crib notes for today:

  • I will not get overly emotional on Boss’ last day. It’s a job. People come and go all of the time and it’s not like I’ll never hear from him again.
  • I will not fret about my yearly review. I do good work and play well with others. I will get a raise and all will be well.
  • I will not lay down when I go home.

    Wt: Didn’t weigh. Had a cheesesteak for dinner last night. Am a self-saboteur.
    Mood: Melancholy and appreshensive, which violates my first two crib notes for today.
    Work docket: Hot properties (ads converting now) and coupon product
    Lunch: Lunch with Erin. Yay!!!! 🙂
    Afternoon plans: Rousing walk with Max, then I have some shopping (Mainly food) to do before…
    Evening: Tricia’s 31st birthday celebration (a week early) at the Olive!
    Weekend: Nothing, really. David mentioned perhaps going to dinner tomorrow night. All I feel like doing is rolling myself up in blankets.
    CookieCam status: I downloaded TinCam last night because it can manage two webcams. The first one’s uploding just fine. Now I need a USB extension cord (do they even make those?) so I can rig up the second shot.

    And now, because I haven’t babbled enough (honestly, it only takes me a few minutes to do this — less time than a cigarette break) it’s the Friday Five!

    1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.

    2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.
    complacent, inert

    3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.
    literary, verbal, didactic

    4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.
    hectic, frustrating, quiet, isolated (can you which words describe work?)

    5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.
    loving, comfortable, self-directed, stimulating, warm

  • November 3, 2003 – morning

    Happy Monday! Really! I’m in very good spirits today — the result of a very nice weekend.

    We didn’t get a single trick or treater on Halloween. Another reason why I can’t wait until we get a house — which should be happening in 2004, by the way.

    The Blackwells arrived on Saturday night bearing a fantastic chocolate cake. We had dinner in the dining room, which until then had become a repository for stuff. But it cleans up real purdy. I made lasagna using the no-boil pasta. It really did cut prep time in half, and tasted just like regular lasagna. Made my own gravy, natch. 🙂 We watched the video from Erin’s and my trip (I know that’s grammatically incorrect) to WDW in August, which was a lot of fun. I think we should have another girl’s getaway weekend this summer, but with all the changes who can make plans? Then we played the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire!” board game until midnight. I think we’re getting together again to see “Haunted Mansion” when it hits the theaters.

    Yesterday we hung at home, munching on leftover lasagna and cake and playing with Max. His behavior is much improved now. I played some Asheron’s Call but truth be told, I’m not into the game as much as I used to be. Last time I felt this way I took a few months off and played Dark Age of Camelot.

    Wt: 144. Much better than last Monday, but miles to go.
    Mood: Happy
    Work docket: I think we’re going to be doing monthly numbers again. Which is good, since that’s what we’ll be doing after Alex leaves. I updated the Jackson boys starvation case page and the Ingle page. Will do battleship section update, careers update, and maybe get cracking on my self-evaluation. I have to get that done before Alex leaves.
    Lunch: Healthy Choice something or other.
    Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max.
    Evening: I know I have stuff to do — just can’t put my finger on it. :/

    By the way, I updated yesterday…why don’t you scoot to my home page and have a look around? 🙂

    October 31, 2003

    Good news is that the Statue of Liberty costume is DONE…you can see a sneak-peek of it on my home page. Bad news is that I’m wiped out, and the costume judging isn’t until 4:30. Maybe I’ll disappear for a lil’ bit after 2. I also dunno whether I should wear the thing all day. Right now I’m in jeans and a black shirt. I’ll wait and see what the other are doing. IIRC, when I was Red Riding Hood I was the only one dressed all day. The Statue costume is very comfortable though.

    Today would have been MomMom’s 86th birthday. I’ve been dreaming of her a lot lately.

    Wt: 144
    Mood: TIRED!
    Work docket: Honestly, if I don’t get End of Month Values done, I will be hung. Actually, nobody knows it’s not up yet except you and me…so Shhhhhhhhh!
    Lunch: Having the Halloween pig-out at work. Yes, that’s what the pot lucks here are really called — pigouts.
    Afternoon: Costume judging at 4:30 pm. If I lose to someone dressed as a hobo, I’ll cry.
    Evening: Sleep
    Weekend: The Blackwells are coming over tomorrow for dinner. I’m going to make my lasagna.

    Probably more blog later, plus pictures!


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