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December 5, 2003

I’ve been having a devil of a time getting out of bed in the mornings lately. Today, I began to realize why.

Reason 1: Have you ever heard of the summer-camp phenonmenon of putting a sleeping camper’s hand into a bowl of warm water? The alleged result is that they wet themselves, and everyone chuckles. (Ah, youth! Children are so pure, aren’t they?) This morning, as I blinked myself awake, my left hand was up against a small, wirey, sleeping dog. My right hand was touching a large, soft, snoring cat. Combine that with the warm bedcovers and you have the makings of a very lazy lady!

Reason 2: My radio’s been turned onto one of the two stations in the area that is playing continuous Christmas Music. Because there’s such a finite number of Christmas carols, this station plays any song that may mention Christmas or snow. I’d venture to guess that 3 out of every 4 songs played are depressing songs of love lost. Like “Same Auld Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg. I’m also convinced that even if Karen Carpenter had sung Ren and Stimpy’s “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song, she still would sound suicidal.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m lazy. I blame others!

And the snow gently falls outside. It’s not a harsh snow at all, but it brings out the crazies in people. Already people have shown up for work. I talked of this last January — the desire of the workers here to one-up each other on snowy days by seeing who comes in the earliest. I think it’s a woman thing. The guys are all busy writing their names in the snow.

Wt: 144.6 Yuck. But at least now I know my starting point.
Mood: Eerily pleasant.
Work docket: Hot Properties (searching for ads now), some greenbar report thing, and some fact-finding about our real estate product. And Wishbook. Shhhh! Ooo…also need to decorate the department for Christmas. Yesterday, incidentally, I was referred to in an email as “Acting Online Manager.” It felt pretty darn ni– wait, I’m not going to entertain those thoughts until I have to.
Lunch: If the weather doesn’t get bad I’m having lunch w/Erin today!
Afternoon: Again, I’m going straight to the gym after work. Then I get to take Max out in the snow. I wonder if he likes snow…then
CookieCam from 4:30 to about 7:00 perhaps.
Evening: Unplanned
Weekend: Unplanned. I believe David’s going out with my brother, John, (who’s available) and his guy-friends tomorrow night to celebrate John’s birthday. So I’ll either bake or update my site. It REALLY needs some info uploaded.

There is no Friday Five this week. But since I didn’t do last week’s entry, I’ll answer them today!

1. Do you like to shop? Why or why not?
I. LOVE. SHOPPING. It’s a modern day quest to find what I’m looking for at the price point I desire.

2. What was the last thing you purchased?
Went to Target last night to buy decorations for our new (actually very old, but new to us) Christmas Tree here in Online. It’s as big as the one I have at home!

3. Do you prefer shopping online or at an actual store? Why?
I shop online for items that I don’t need to see in person or try on. Like books, games, electronics, etc. For clothing, I still need to go out. If sizing was standardized, it’d be a lot easier.

4. Did you get an allowance as a child? How much was it?
It got larger as I did. But I do remember $10 a week went up to $20 once I got to high school and meals were $2.00 a day in the cafeteria.

5. What was the last thing you regret purchasing?
The crate for Max. He hates it. We don’t use it. It’s ugly, but I’m going to get some plywood for the top, drape a tablecloth over it and have a coffeetable.

weight musings

Dinner yesterday was fab-u! I’d never been to Carrabba’s before, so I was pleasantly surprised. I had tilapia with steamed broccoli. Sounds healthy, but then again I ate six pounds of bread beforehand. Are you on the Atkins Diet? Great…send me your bread. I’ll take care of it for you. Then when your brain turns into sludge due to no carbs and I’m raking it in on Jeopardy! you’ll be sorry. 🙂

David and I got John a 2-year subscription to MAXIM magazine. It’s truly one of the funniest magazines out there.

Yes, Virginia, I did go to the gym on the way home yesterday. See how serious I am about wanting to be a Maxim girl?

No word yet on the memo I gave to the Publisher about the management position. That’s right…I don’t think I mentioned the memo yet, have I? See? I keep secrets from the blog, too. 😉

Mood: STILL apprehensive about the month-end reports. Apparently before I can do them I have to get some greenbars and a post-it-note (I’m not kidding) from Accounting. I spent part of this morning looking at past reports and I worked myself into a frenzy.

But I’m just that type of girl. When I’m waiting in a room for a doctor appointment, I go through the drawers looking at the scary tools and wondering what they’re used for. By the time the doc comes in, I’m convinced I’m going to end up with my tongue sliced and cauterized.

Work docket: Erm…I guess the reports. (shrug) I dunno. 🙂
Lunch: I brought Smart Ones Pepper Steak.
Afternoon: Hit the bank on the way home, then to Target for body wash and the cute $5.00 “Vixen” shirt I’ve been eyeing. Home for a rousing walk with Max, then…
CookieCam: Probably 3:00 to 5:30 today. Because tonight I have…
Evening: A dinner to go to. That’s all I can say ’till tomorrow. But I bought a sweet lil’ dress for it. Sleeveless, red, satiny with an oriental flair. (Note: need shaping hose, too)

November 29, 2003

mom and I parked very far away from macys
Yesterday Mom and I completed almost 14 hours of Christmas shopping. We started out in the dark, and wrapped it up in the dark. Shopped in 3 different zip codes. Over 15 different stores. We kicked butt. More details (with photos!) tonight or tomorrow.

Today my legs are killing me! 😛

Tonight we go out with the Blackwells for dinner and to see Disney’s Haunted Mansion movie. Yes, it IS always Disney with us.

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