It’s raining cats and dogs in here.

September 26, 2003

Thank you Pop-Pop and Mom!! Only $25 away from our Heart Walk goal. C’mon…put yer money where yer mouth is…$5.00, $10.00, it’s all good!

I did have the rousing walk w/Max yesterday, but skipped the YMCA. David’s home sick. It’s weird seeing him in the morning when I’m trying to get ready for work. But still very very nice!

Re: Affordable Housing: Are shore towns held to the same stringent standards that the inland suburbs are?

There’s no Friday Five this week — seems the site manager’s on vacation. No problemo.

Mood: Joyful
Wt: 142.4. Wow!
Work docket: Hot properties. Mess with our calendar product — an unwieldy beast that I’m sure will never replace the antiquated system that editorial uses now. But I’m more than willing to do my part of it, and let others drop the ball.
Lunch plans: May have lunch w/Mom — depends on her schedule.
Afternoon: Must stop at food store. Drag Max out for walk (since he was neutered, he’s not as hyper)
Friday evening: pondering going to the Devils/Flyers preseason game at the Wachovia center. Shall we wear Devils paraphenalia and earn the crowd’s ire?
Saturday morning: Your webdiva here will be making a personal appearance at South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper’s BIGGEST yard sale tomorrow morn at Campbell’s Field in Camden. I’ll be holding a light-up baton, wearing a fab-u reflective vest and directing cars to the parking lot. My shift starts at 5:00 am (sob!), and I should be done by 8:00 am. Two years ago I got my sewing machine at the yard sale for $10.00. This year I’m looking for vintage clothing, and mayhap a nice fall/winter hat.
Saturday afternoon: Shoe shopping w/Mom.

We’re going to finally take down the baby gate tomorrow. Every day this week, we’ve put Max on the cats’ side of the gate for some time, and he’s done quite well. No chasing or barking. Just lots of sniffing. And eating their cat food. I actually think he’s intimidated by the cats, no doubt from Misty’s constant swipes at him. Charlie may hide for a bit at first, but I think we’re all going to finally be a family again. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

September 1, 2003 – afternoon

feels like: 9:01 pm

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
The one thing that irks me about the Disney resorts (both in Cali and Florida) is that they need to be more wired. Once you step foot on Diz property, web access is nearly impossible for the mere mortal non-business traveler to obtain. I wanted to blog a few times through vacation, but nope. Oh well.

Vacation was fantastic and wonderful and all that jazz. I had a blessedly wonderful time, save the fact I was sick the entire time. Yup. My suspicions were correct. I was coughing from night one, and neither Robitussen DM nor Dayquil could help. Was feeling better yesterday, but now I have an ear infection that I did NOT have before today. How do I know? Well, dear reader, on the way down from the plane, my ears filled up with fluid. They’re still full to the point that I can hear the fluid swish when I tilt my head around. Nice, hm? As a result, I can’t hear very well. Good thing I have off tomorrow, hm? 🙂

No doubt, I’ll write more about vacation as the week goes on.

While I was gone, Max turned into quite a proper little pup. He is all healed from his surgery, and the lack of … um… a sack … has done him wonders. No more humping. No more snapping. No more baring his teeth at me. David’s turned him into a little cuddle pup. He climbs on your lap and snuggles. He also plays with you, and by himself. He tosses his toys up in the air and thrashes them all around. He still has a housebreaking issue…but we can fix that. I was more concerned with his temprament issues, which have dissipated. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had a young dog; a dog that tumbles over himself with excitement when you walk into the room. A dog that teethes on your knuckles.

Max is nothing like Mickey was. I’m very glad for that.

My kitties are still in exile, poor loves. Though Charlie will venture out to the breakfast bar to sit by me when I’m here on the PC. That’s where he is now. Misty’s in the bedroom, and Max is dozing by the sliding glass door.

Played with Dierdre the Pain a bit. She’s level 88 now.

I’m going to catch up on some surfing, log into Asheron’s Call for a chat, and then Nyquil myself and call it an evening.

Glad to be home!

Max’s Homecoming Day!

After work, BvP and I will zip to Target to purchase bowls, food, and the required squeak-toy for our new addition. Then we zip to the Animal Orphanage to bring our Maxie….to the vet. Naturally, I’ll want him checked out before he enters the kingdom of the cats. Maybe the vet will have a better idea of how old Max is. Some playtime outside afterward maybe…THEN a bath if he still has shelter-stink. I’m jittery. Hope it goes well.

Last night, as Charlie contentedly spread out in the middle of the carpet for his early-evening nap, I felt a wave of guilt. The cats are totally going to HATE life (and me) once Max shows up. They’ll cope (as they’ve all learned to cope with the additions and losses of each other, I suppose) but for a while, they won’t be happy.

The non-bloggable worries from yesterday have subsided, leaving the original non-blog-able worries to be worried about. Get that? 🙂

Wt: 143 pounds?? (repeated head-smashing against desk) That puts me 10 pounds away from revised goal. Blech. Makes me want cupcakes
Mood: Apprehensive about Max’s transition to our apartment.
Work docket: Damon out today. Did the bar section update, tweaked the center package on the homepage to showcase the blackout stories. (From which we were spared down here in Southern NJ…amazing what a difference 10 exits on the turnpike make). Hot Properties, and grab more photos for Community Guide.
Lunch: Thoroughly disgusted with diet lunches. Didn’t bring any.
Afternoon/Evening: I was going to go to Jenna’s birthday party tonight, but will be tied up with all things Max. I’ll send the gift over there with Mom.
Weekend: More Max-mania. The family’s going to see Mom-Mom’s grave on Sunday, and then visit her house one more time before it’s sold later this week. I don’t think I can go there. I have warm memories of her house. Don’t want to see it empty.

And now…the FRIDAY FIVE!!!

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Around 10 hours. Keep in mind I work online all day, so that sucks up 8 hours right there.

2. What is your browser homepage set to?

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
I use AOLIM at work to keep in touch with Clark, who works from home. Other than that, I don’t use IM programs.

4. Where was your first webpage located?
Ah…it was 1994, and it was or something wonderfully user-friendly like that. 🙂 It was gray with Times New Roman font, some H1 thru H4 tags. Then I moved it to Then Then Now I’m finally at, hosted by Lunarpages. (whew!)

5. How long have you had your current website?
The current incarnation of marked it’s one year anniversary in the beginning of July, and has had one redesign during that time period.

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