It’s raining cats and dogs in here.

November 24, 2003

I live! — see proof at right

Where the hell was I?

Friday was busy — no time to blog.
Saturday I went to see Urinetown: the Musical with Mom. It was the first anniversary of Mom-Mom’s death, and the 6-month anniversary of Mickey’s.
Sunday was sick, missed the Courier-Post Millionaire Mania auction. 🙁
Monday was sick, missed work. (which probably doesn’t do well for any management hopes)

We have some of the Christmas stuff out . Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel up to putting up my Christmas in the City collection — the tiny town of Turberville. I have a bid in on eBay for “Parkview Hospital”. Unfortunately, I’m out of mantle space.

Max (who is back in his crate right now because he bit my foot earlier – I was wearing a sneaker so no damage done) has been a horror. All I want is a good dog. I don’t know how to tell Max that.

Movie-wise, I’m looking forward to “Return of the King” if ONLY to see Aragorn showered, shaved, and dressed finely as King. But I’m probably going to have to hit the ladies’ room during the spider part. I hate spiders!

Back to the grind tomorrow.

November 19, 2003

Dave Matthews Band, I’m such a fool for you.

Yesterday I purchased the 3-CD “Central Park Concert” set from Sam Goody. (Only $13.99, which blew me away. I was expecting at least $20.00. Could this be the RIAA trying to play nice?) It’s 3 hours of live music. All songs I’ve heard from you before (except Cortez the Killer, which I never even HEARD of before). Yet I eagerly lapped it up anyway. Why? Because I buy every album. Even the live ones of concerts I haven’t seen where you sing songs I’ve heard before.

This purchase pushes DMB past New Kids on the Block (laugh and I’ll punch you) to earn the title of “Kim’s most-owned band.” Which clues you in to how long it’s been since I’ve had a favorite band.

By the way, DMB, if you’re reading – I love that version of Crush. Track 5. Disc 1. It’s very drool-worthy, and beats the acoustic Dave-and-Tim version that I previously lusted over. Crush is my most favorite song. It dries out my mouth and makes me weak in the knees.

Mood: Depressed. Last night I realized that there is very little that is the same in my life from last year. Consider:

  • Saturday, 11/22 will mark 1 year since we lost my grandmother. The glue of our family. The center of our holidays.
  • That same date will mark 6 months since the loss of Mickey. I’m still tortured by how sick he was. I still miss his snuffles. Yes, I have Max, but right now he’s a round peg trying to fill an elliptical hole. It helps, but there are still gaps of emptiness.
  • This summer was overshadowed by non-blogable-worries and rain. I only made it to my beloved beach twice.
  • The one constant through all of this crap was my job. Now that’s all changing too.

    Remember all of that fun-fun kum-ba-ya poetic “winds of change” crap from yesterday? Screw it. I’m just a cork being tossed helplessly around by the tumultuous tidal waves of change. Bobbing along…bobbing along…in the beautiful briny sea. I realized last night that all I do anymore is eat and sleep. Kind of like that sad little scribbled oval in the Zoloft commercials.

    OK, where was I?

    Work docket: God only knows. I’ve been hammered left and right with issues about online classified ads. Here’s a tip about writing an ad — if you want a word to be your internet search term, put it in your ad! Selling a car? Don’t screw with the make and model in your ad if you want people to be able to search for it. ‘Nuff said. Besides that, I have to do the weekly hit report for the Wednesday OC meeting (to which we have no representative)
    Afternoon plans: Rousing walk with Max, who has been exceptionally behaved lately. I think he’s planning something.
    Evening: Yoga at 7:30, but I’m headed to the gym at 6:45 to get some cardio work in before hand. To make up for the Mexican Pizza I had yesterday. And the candy I just had for breakfast. And the Mrs. Fields cookies yesterday. And the chocolate milk I’m about to buy. And…..(tbc)

  • October 29, 2003

    If it’s not one thing…

    Talked to Mom a few moments ago and found out that Lucky was at the vet last night for some bloodwork. She’s leaking urine, drinking a lot, and panting a lot. Symptoms sound way too familiar to me for my comfort. Lucky and Mickey were about the same age.

    Trying to buck up here.

    In other, much more trivial news, I’m moving ahead with a Halloween costume. Two years ago I was Little Red Riding hood (I was pushing 175 lbs then so it was more like “Frau Helga the bloated Bavarian milkmaid” — I’ll find a picture later) It was a short ‘flirty’ costume, (actually, I lengthened the dress considerably) and as a result I had one of my older male coworkers asking to play “Big Bad Wolf” w/me for months. I sewed the costume myself over the course of a few weeks and lost first place in the Courier-Post employee costume contest to a lady who wore all black, wrapped herself in fake webs and called herself a spiderweb or a dustball or something like that.

    I was so traumatized I went to Disney World for Halloween last year.

    This year it’s the much more demure and modest Statue of Liberty. Bought the pattern and fabric last night. It’s a Simplicity pattern, and it does look simple enough. All I have to do is get it to stay together for one day. Last night I cut the pattern, this afternoon I’ll sew the dress/drape, and tomorrow I’ll do the crown and torch. The pattern suggests making those items out of felt and foam, but I have better ideas that involve yellow shrink-wrap, styrofoam cones, wire, and a flashlight. Intrigued? Me too. If it doesn’t work, we’ll travel the felt-and-foam path. How does Lady Liberty wear her hair?

    Wt: 145.4. Wheeeeee! I’d be concerned about losing so much so quickly if I didn’t manage to put so much on with a week. I think someday I’m just going to cough up my thyroid.
    Mood: Concerned about Lucky.
    Work docket: Food day! Update recipes, dining guide.
    Lunch: Healthy Choice Whiskey *hic* Chicken.
    Afternoon: Rousing walk w/Max, then crack out the sewing machine.
    Evening: Yoga at 7:30 (new session) and then back to the sewing machine.

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