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October 29, 2003

If it’s not one thing…

Talked to Mom a few moments ago and found out that Lucky was at the vet last night for some bloodwork. She’s leaking urine, drinking a lot, and panting a lot. Symptoms sound way too familiar to me for my comfort. Lucky and Mickey were about the same age.

Trying to buck up here.

In other, much more trivial news, I’m moving ahead with a Halloween costume. Two years ago I was Little Red Riding hood (I was pushing 175 lbs then so it was more like “Frau Helga the bloated Bavarian milkmaid” — I’ll find a picture later) It was a short ‘flirty’ costume, (actually, I lengthened the dress considerably) and as a result I had one of my older male coworkers asking to play “Big Bad Wolf” w/me for months. I sewed the costume myself over the course of a few weeks and lost first place in the Courier-Post employee costume contest to a lady who wore all black, wrapped herself in fake webs and called herself a spiderweb or a dustball or something like that.

I was so traumatized I went to Disney World for Halloween last year.

This year it’s the much more demure and modest Statue of Liberty. Bought the pattern and fabric last night. It’s a Simplicity pattern, and it does look simple enough. All I have to do is get it to stay together for one day. Last night I cut the pattern, this afternoon I’ll sew the dress/drape, and tomorrow I’ll do the crown and torch. The pattern suggests making those items out of felt and foam, but I have better ideas that involve yellow shrink-wrap, styrofoam cones, wire, and a flashlight. Intrigued? Me too. If it doesn’t work, we’ll travel the felt-and-foam path. How does Lady Liberty wear her hair?

Wt: 145.4. Wheeeeee! I’d be concerned about losing so much so quickly if I didn’t manage to put so much on with a week. I think someday I’m just going to cough up my thyroid.
Mood: Concerned about Lucky.
Work docket: Food day! Update recipes, dining guide.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Whiskey *hic* Chicken.
Afternoon: Rousing walk w/Max, then crack out the sewing machine.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30 (new session) and then back to the sewing machine.

October 1, 2003

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at Heart

Happy October! The site is pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Which has nothing to do with the Heart Walk fundraising that we’re doing. Yesterday we reached our goal (Thank you, Papa T–!) but if you still want to donate, of course there’s time! 🙂

Yesterday was a bunch of nothing. I’m learning how to do the weekly and monthly financial reports for the department. I’d say I’m being groomed for another position, but Damon will eventually learn the ‘numbers’ thing too. It’s a lot to wrap my mind around — Expenses, revenue, profit, cost centers, thick fan-folded greenbar reports. Yeesh.

I did manage to squeak out a visit to the gym last night at 8:30 (30 minutes on elliptical for overall skinniness, 60 stomach crunches for a flat tummy and whittled waist, 10 assisted chinups for buff arms, 15 heel raises for killer calves, and one very tired webdiva). My Smallworld fantasy football team, the Pirates of the Delaware, are now in 3rd place in our division of 10, due to my dumb-luck acquisitions of both Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Heh.

Clothing-wise, I’m layered like a linebacker to counter the bitter chill of South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper. And wearing full-length pantyhose, by the way. 😉

Mood: Happy
Wt: 142.2, and facing grand challenge of bowlsful of Halloween candy in the apartment.
Especially the Hershey’s Special Dark miniatures. I adore Hershey’s Special Dark.
Work docket: I went from a pleasant level of work to an obscene amount. I have to sort through the hundreds of transactions on these greenbar reports to find 65 of a certain type. There’s a Health Care Job Fair coming up, and I have to do a promo for that. PLUS, I finally, FINALLY got stuff for the Millionaire contest. The one that I’ve been waiting for materials on for over a week. Contest starts on Sunday. I knew that would happen. Plus I need to do some recipe updates, and Online Mall. Woah.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken Parmigiana. I have no hopes for this one.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with the Hopeslayer, aka Max.
Evening: Dinner with my brother, John, in an effort to continue our very good sibling relationship even though life consistently yanks us in different directions. Yoga at 7:30.

Getting a bit nervous about the Heart Walk on Sunday. Will I be up to the challenge of five miles?!?

September 26, 2003

Thank you Pop-Pop and Mom!! Only $25 away from our Heart Walk goal. C’mon…put yer money where yer mouth is…$5.00, $10.00, it’s all good!

I did have the rousing walk w/Max yesterday, but skipped the YMCA. David’s home sick. It’s weird seeing him in the morning when I’m trying to get ready for work. But still very very nice!

Re: Affordable Housing: Are shore towns held to the same stringent standards that the inland suburbs are?

There’s no Friday Five this week — seems the site manager’s on vacation. No problemo.

Mood: Joyful
Wt: 142.4. Wow!
Work docket: Hot properties. Mess with our calendar product — an unwieldy beast that I’m sure will never replace the antiquated system that editorial uses now. But I’m more than willing to do my part of it, and let others drop the ball.
Lunch plans: May have lunch w/Mom — depends on her schedule.
Afternoon: Must stop at food store. Drag Max out for walk (since he was neutered, he’s not as hyper)
Friday evening: pondering going to the Devils/Flyers preseason game at the Wachovia center. Shall we wear Devils paraphenalia and earn the crowd’s ire?
Saturday morning: Your webdiva here will be making a personal appearance at South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper’s BIGGEST yard sale tomorrow morn at Campbell’s Field in Camden. I’ll be holding a light-up baton, wearing a fab-u reflective vest and directing cars to the parking lot. My shift starts at 5:00 am (sob!), and I should be done by 8:00 am. Two years ago I got my sewing machine at the yard sale for $10.00. This year I’m looking for vintage clothing, and mayhap a nice fall/winter hat.
Saturday afternoon: Shoe shopping w/Mom.

We’re going to finally take down the baby gate tomorrow. Every day this week, we’ve put Max on the cats’ side of the gate for some time, and he’s done quite well. No chasing or barking. Just lots of sniffing. And eating their cat food. I actually think he’s intimidated by the cats, no doubt from Misty’s constant swipes at him. Charlie may hide for a bit at first, but I think we’re all going to finally be a family again. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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