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Show us your books: January 2019

Happy New Year, book readers! Last year I read 63 of 50 books. I should yitch that goal up a bit, but I don’t want to stretch all the way to 60 because then it’ll seem like an assignment or chore. Let’s do 55.

My biggest obstacle to reading is my addictive tendency toward phone games. I will download a game that’s supposed to be “casual” and play it until my eyes bleed.
I recently downloaded Wordscapes which SEEMS all peaceful until Friday, when you get dumped into a weekly tournament with 49 other people for fake coins. I’m genetically disposed to be a competitive asshole (ask anyone who loves me) so I bang away at this game rather than read. And during the week I bang away at the game to earn fake coins so I can redeem them for clues so I can win the weekly tournament. I’m THISCLOSE to uninstalling Wordscapes.
I did come in 5th out of 50 people last night. It’s not first, but I’ll accepta top 10% placement.

Other “casual” games I have uninstalled because I become obsessed:

  • Words with Friends
  • HQ Trivia (I downloaded and immediately realized what I was getting into)
  • All Candy Crush games
  • Bejeweled
  • I Love Hue
  • 2048
  • Pyramid Solitaire
  • Cooking Fever
  • Diner Dash (yes, a second cooking time-management game)
  • and let’s not forget Farmville, a game I spent actual real life dollars on.

If I stay away from the games, I’ll hit that 55 book goal easy.

Onto the books! I use the Goodreads system to rate books, which is:

  • One star: did not like it
  • Two stars: it was ok
  • Three stars: liked it
  • Four stars: really liked it
  • Five stars: it was amazing

December was light because I was either baking, wrapping, socializing, or sleeping. I finished only 2 books since last post.

Eric (Discworld #9) — by Terry Pratchett
My slow crawl through this series continues with the long-awaited return of THE LUGGAGE from the dungeon dimension it was stuck in 4 books prior. Oh, and Rincewind the Wizard too. Eric, a thirteen year old dabbling in demonology, summons Rincewind back to the Disc and demands 3 wishes: to be the ruler of the world, to meet the most beautiful woman in history, and to live forever. You can’t always get what you want, Eric.

Four stars. Of course it’s delightful! In retrospect I should have given it three stars because I had to look up some of the details. I never take stars back though, even if the author is dead.

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating — Christina Lauren
This hold came along surprisingly quickly. So many people have loved it on the previous linkups that I jumped on it. It’s a romcom wrapped up in a book. Josh Im and Hazel Bradford knew each other in college. When they meet again in their mid twenties, they KNOW they would never be compatible, so they instead focus on becoming best friends and trying to hook each other up with great blind dates.

Four stars because the hot parts were hot and the shmoopy parts made me smile. I probably would have given it five stars if not for the REALLY CONTRIVED plot point that should have at least warranted a conversation between Josh and Hazel.

Currently reading: Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life — Emily Nagoski

I might have to physically hit up a library this week because I’m far down the list on every ebook hold. And the next one up is SQPR: A History of Ancient Rome and … I’m not sure if I want to read 600+ pages on Rome.

All of my book lists and reviews are on Goodreads.

This a part of the Show us Your Books linkup from Jana Says and Life According to Steph. If you want to read more bloggers gush about the books they’ve read this month, click the button below and have fun!

Life According to Steph

What are you reading?

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Currently, procrastination edition

Updating: Blog header, Blog Facebook Page image, colors, etc.

Delaying: Yoga. I’ll give it to you straight, Yoga with Adriene is killing me with this year’s 30 Day program. It seems harder and longer (TWSS) than previous years. I skipped Day 2 so I’m a day behind. My strategy is “give it one more day.” Hoping to “one more day” myself ’til the end.

Not sweating: Because I’m back on my beloved “Work from Home Monday” schedule. It’s nice on a Sunday night knowing I can sweatpant my way through the first day of the work week. I’m excited because someone at TNP sent me a database of urban vs rural vs suburban zip codes and I’m going to see where our constituents are! I might even create a chart!
(Shaddup. I find this exciting.)

The beginning of my 2019 work Bullet Journal.

I’m also going to build two awesome Crystal Reports. Yeah, you’re jealous! I’ll be at TNP seven years at the end of this month and each year I learn to do more and more.

Watching: WM play Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s violent but the story is so compelling. Like the first game (which comes later in the timeline, life is confusing) the end was tragic. WM finished it while I was at work. He said he was glad I didn’t see it because it was sad. Because I hate myself, I looked up the end on Youtube and cried.

I’m also watching this guy:

(he’s actually less than 1cm wide)

We have a fish tank in our department at TNP. Petsmart told us all of our fish were female; however, in October we found this little guy hiding among the plants. He (?) isn’t big enough to be in the tank with the other fish because the filter will suck him up. I brought him home over the holiday break because we thought he was too small to use an automatic feeder with. WM has named him Harry – the fish who lived.

Between you and me, Reader, he might not be brought back to the office. I’m pretty attached to him and he seems to be enjoying the sunny spot in our kitchen. WM has always talked about getting an aquarium …


Where have I been? What do I want?

Happy New Year! You know how every year I’m all “oh hey I’m going to take better care of myself?” And then the next year I’m all “oh hey I’m going to take better care of myself?” And then the next year I’m all “oh hey I’m going to take better care of myself?” You can look it up, I’ve been blogging since 2002. (Happy Sweet Sixteen, blog!)

This year… oh hey, I’m going to take better care of myself! AGAIN. If things go well, I have around 34 good years left so I can’t stop trying to be a better version of me. I need accountability somewhere. To achieve that, I enrolled in an online class that comes with a closed community. Putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. An element of this class is journaling once a month and what better place to put that than here?

Because why journal in any of the actual notebooks that I buy and never use?

Where have I been?

After the absolute trash fire that was 2017, a year that left me physically and emotionally exhausted, 2018 was a walk in the park with many reasons to celebrate. A new nephew! Regular trips down the shore! Travel to Florida, Austin, Seattle, and Walt Disney World! A puppy that managed to make it into adult dog form without killing himself or us!

Self-care? NAILED IT. I made CERTAIN that I put aside time for self-care. However, it’s the very easy part of self-care that I excel at. Sitting! Reading! Quilts and hygge and snacks! It’s also the popular, meme-able form of self-care that makes for great Instagram photos that people like. Because who does not like cozy quilts and sleeping dogs and steamy cups of coffee?

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Brothers and very best friends. #dogsofinstagram

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that my spin on self-care was not as good for the self as I thought it was. This year I’m going to try to do the harder parts of self-care. Cutting back on putting crap into my body on a daily basis that extends past my yearly Dry January effort. Sticking with a fitness program that extends past the 30 days of yoga that I do every January. And yes, I’m doing that this January too. This year’s practice is here.

For a while this summer, WM and I were killing it with walking and fitness, but we spun it as training for Disney. Bad idea. When Disney came and went, I quit wanting to do the work, and my exercise rings suffered.

What do I want?

I don’t do well with handwavy goals. I like measurable, trackable things. In my class’s online community, I said I wanted to treat my body and mind better so that I say “ooof” less. To get there, this is what I want for 2019.

Weight: While I am not at my highest weight, I’m at the second highest, aka the first plateau down from the highest. In 2019, I want to lose 30 pounds. That won’t make me thin (I’m pretty meaty at the moment) but it’ll make me MUCH BETTER off.

Food: I want to drink 2 17-oz bottles of water a day. I want to eat the lunches I bring to work 3 out of the 4 days I go to the office each week.

Fitness: This month will be yoga every day, and closing all three rings on my Apple Watch every day. Next month I’ll transition into a mix of yoga and Total Gym.

After a week on its charger, my Apple Watch has extremely low expectations for me. I’m insulted.

Spirit: When able, I want to leave my desk every day for lunch, even if it’s just to an empty conference room to read. I want to blog 3 times a week. I want to use the Apple Watch Breathe App 2 times a day. I got a guitar for Christmas and I want to pick it up five times a week, even if it’s only 15 minutes at a time. (D-chord, A-chord, D-chord, A-chord, throbbing fingers)

Beauty: Polish my nails every week. This helps keep them out of my mouth. Floss every day. Wash and moisturize my face every night.

Work: I do have a few work goals, but they’re staying private.

Next month: I’m going to be proud of making these incremental changes, even if my weight and measurements don’t change. I’m playing a long game.

Next two months: My pants are going to be looser. My muscles will be sore but in a good way.

Next year: Thirty pounds lighter. Able to do crow pose. Play a Christmas carol on my guitar.

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