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Mickey Mouse Chia Pet

Two years ago, Coworker D bought me a Mickey Mouse Chia pet for Christmas. I tried twice to get it to grow and failed. And then work got REALLY busy (the Big!Work!Project! that I will never stop mentioning!) and I put it away for a while.

Now that things settled down, it was now or never.

Finally, we had success! Here are some chia pet tips that I learned the hard way.

> These suckers are THIRSTY. The pots are hollow and you keep them watered by keeping them filled up. Anything more than a 3 day weekend without water dries them out, especially before they sprout. That is what killed our first round of seeds.

> BTW, WM wants you to know that he is awesome. This has nothing to do with the post, but hey. Content is content.

> The instructions suggest to keep a plastic bag over top of the plant to keep the moisture in. Great! I used a gallon-size Ziploc bag with the sides slit a bit so I can easily lower it over the plant after watering.

> But don’t bag it more than 4 nights, because when the sprouts grow their baby leaves will cling to the plastic bag. And when you take the bag off the water the planter, you’ll tear off all of the plants. Think of a Brazilian Wax. That is what killed our second rounds of seeds.

> Some of the water will seep out of the bottom of the pot, so it’s advisable to put the pot in a bowl. NOT a paper plate. And drain the bowl once in a while or you’ll attract gnats/fruit flies. Sorry, coworkers.

I’m not sure how much more it can grow.

I don’t know what the lifespan is for a chia pet, but I think I’ll buy more chia seeds.

Sniffly Monday

I had a draft for Friday 5, but I fell asleep. Such are the breaks.

I was off on Friday. Unfortunately the temp topped out at 70 and the sun was barely out so to the shore I did not go. But! My dad’s visiting from RetiredLand, FL, so I got to go out to lunch with him AND plundered my aunt’s collection of old family photos. Later that afternoon I got some quality cuddle time with Nephew B. He’s 3 months old now!

Celtic Fling 2018

Their mother – my grandmother – was born in the mid-20s. In one of the old albums there were pages and pages of pictures of her and her 3 sisters as young women posing for photos. Against trees, on bicycles, sitting prettily in chairs, etc. And we think current kids take too many photos? Psh. People have been doing this for almost a century. Leave the kids alone.

Saturday night we went to a surprise 50th (!!) birthday barbecue. I think this is my first peer-group 50th party. I’m okay with this and gave WM permission to throw a surprise 50th birthday party. To which nobody will probably go, not because I smell or anything, but because a Labor Day birthday is a kiss of death for party attendance.

Incidentally, we after we made our plates at the barbecue and sat at one of the 3 tables on the lawn. There was a child sitting at the second table, and nobody at the third. All of the chairs were around our table. A group of women (whom I didn’t know) took the chairs from our table and moved them to the third table so they could sit together and not with us. Maybe I do smell…

Who would NOT want to sit next to this?

And speaking of smell, on Sunday we went to the Celtic Fling at the PA Ren Faire. We go (almost) every year and have a blast. This year, I feel like it was deodorant-optional day. It was boiling hot and sunny. I woke up with a cold and even I could smell it. Sunday night I watched Westworld and cried so hard at one part that I didn’t even feel badly about not understanding a good quarter of the show. Maybe I’ll have a better time of it in Season 3. I’ve given up on understanding the Bernards. I’m going to put his past in my “River Song” category of plot constructs that are beyond my comprehension. (This is not an invite to explain River Song to me. I can’t.)

Today I worked from home in my pajamas and all is well.

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