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Five years!

Five years!

Today is my FIVE YEAR anniversary at TNP, which really isn’t The New Place at all anymore. Not so shabby for someone who thought she’d be fired before her first year was done.

It’s a good place to work, and has allowed me to travel to new places and learn new things. I’m doing great things with Excel, and I’m even doing a bit of SQL work on our database!

(I also received $300 in gift cards, which will be put aside for future travel.)

In unrelated news, I’m 23 days through the Yoga with Adriene 31-day #yogarevolution and with the exception of the angry, angry muscle in my upper back that I tweaked, I’m doing really well!


I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. It wasn’t just a party thing — I usually hop all over the place with voting* or a woman thing, although that would have been fantastic to see. I voted for the more experienced candidate, the one with the better resume.

(obvs this is posed)

Current mood: despondent.

AAAND she lost. I should have known when I laughed at Trump verbally slaughtering the Republican candidates one by one that he would have been a bigger threat. But I wrote him off as a joke. And although he received fewer popular votes, he won the system as we have had it set up for hundreds of years.

I see many, many people claiming that he’s not their president. And although I have facepalmed so much these last few weeks that I feel the topography of my face flattening I have to say this: he is my president.

I take a train each morning to work. And on most days, the operator is the same guy. But if someone else happens to be chosen to operate that train, I can’t say, “Nope. Not my train operator.” Because I am literally on that train and that guy is literally operating it. And most important: I want him to be responsible for properly driving the train with me on it.

I feel as if when we say Trump’s not our president, we are washing our hands of him. Instead, we need to hold his feet to the fire. Listen, mister…you are MY president, and here’s a list of things you need to do.

I will continue to facepalm for the rest of today. But starting tomorrow, I intend on figuring out what comes next.

* Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Kerry, McCain, Obama, Clinton. I’m also still a registered Libertarian. I’m a hot mess.

And I'm telling you, I'm not going

Turns out, when your dog dies, your heater/ac dies, your surviving dog is suddenly old, your country elects a misogynist whose party wants to roll back healthcare (esp for women) over a woman who was 10x more qualified, and your teen idol dies, you kind of give up on blogging. The domain name is a bit of an embarrassment these days and you’re afraid to move the blog to the new one for fear it’ll break everything, hosting costs money, maybe you should just let it go.

Still here.

And then…someone tries to hack into it. AGAIN.

And you wake up. This hot mess of a website? THIS IS MINE. This is 14 years (okay, 12 if you don’t count the gaps of time when I didn’t post) of my life, painfully recorded for posterity,, and the five readers who aren’t my family.

Good things that happened in the last half of 2016:
In August, I started playing World of Warcraft again (maybe not all that good)
In September, I visited Dad in Florida
In October, we went back to Walt Disney World.
In November … okay November blew.
In December, we had a very lovely Christmas.

I also read 48 books. We tore down and rebuilt a tiny wall in our furnace room. I backed up 11 years of photos. I pushed myself at TNP (which isn’t so new anymore — I’m there 5 years this month!) and created a bunch of dynamic reports that filled in some blanks that we didn’t realize were blanks.

My 2017 planner.

Good things that will happen in 2017:
We are restarting our diet, which died when Max did. After a 10-lb gain over the holidays, I have 25-30 lbs to go.
I’m doing 31 days of yoga.
We are paying down our debts.
The dental implant process will be done and I’ll FINALLY have a permanent tooth in front.
Spring Business Trip! Beach days!
A new pupper in the summer to keep Ollie company.


Sometime over the next month or two, I’m going to try to switch this domain from to, which will probably destroy half of my old links.

And now I’m going to hit publish and hope things don’t explode.

Happy New Year.

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