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LadyGypsy versus the ants, Part 2

that dog is poison!

When we last visited this saga, Pest Control was coming.

They came. They left. The ants returned. They’re coming in from the outside through my heater/air conditioner, climbing up my computer table and walking across my computer desk. They wave their little appendages at me as I type.

So I bought some ant traps last night. They’re little plastic things with trans-fat-laden ant bait in them that’ll kill them slowly. Like french fries!

I duct-taped one to my heater/air-conditioner unit. I duct-taped one right in the middle of my computer desk behind my keyboard. (Such style! Such class! Such domesticity!) And I placed one on the floor next to the heater/ac where the ants were appearing. Max looked intrigued by the new plaything. So I created an elaborate duct-tape system to make sure Max wouldn’t take it and offer it to Paris Pillow as a token of his affections.

This morning I awoke and found an ant trap in the middle of the floor. and some ripped duct tape. With a couple fangy-type holes in it. And a dog with duct tape stuck to his fur. Crud.

The vet office says not to worry at all and Max seems fine.

But wouldn’t it be cool if he got some special ant-like superpowers — like super-strength? I could use him as a pack-mule! Or maybe he’ll develop some slavish devotion to me as queen of our ant-farm. He could bring ME treats for a change! Or…or…

Hm. Not very many cool ant-powers. Maybe I should go back to playing City of Heroes.

PS: SQL class is fun! The second (and last) class is tonight.

School days, school days

This week I’m taking a “Fundamentals of SQL” class at the local branch of our County College. I’m a bit nervous, because it’s out of my educational comfort zone (which solely entails listening to Coffee Break Spanish and TechTV podcasts). But, I believe that the future – my future – is going to lie in managing the vast quantities of data that is served up online. And it’s time to jump in and wrangle some knowledge.

This class, paid for months ago, coincides with the finale of Dancing with the Stars. The fact that I’m upset about that should disqualify me from taking the class altogether. I’m going to try to refrain from murmuring “Go Apolo” during class.**

It’s an 8 hour course – The class runs from 6pm-10pm tonight and Thursday. I’ll go straight from work. Poor Poochus McDoofus. I’m going to try to take as late a lunch as possible so he won’t be miserable waiting for me.

**My personal finishing order: Apolo, Joey, Laila. Laila was hampered by less-than-stellar choreography from Maks. Apolo is the better dancer, but bad-ass dancing-with-blindfolds aside, I liked Joey’s freestyle better. Apolo, though, showed better technique to my untrained eye. But Drew will be back tonight. Drew! Squee! Yay for DVR!

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