Archive - October 26, 2005

circle of life

Last night I didn’t feel like getting fully changed before I took Max out for his evening walk. So I swapped my heels for a pair of small sneakers, pulled a thick sweatshirt over the twinset I wore with my skirt, put my coat back on and we set out.

Cute little red sketcher sneakers and a brown below-the-knee skirt is a major fashion faux pas, by the way. I fully expect to be ambushed by a cruel and exploitative TV show sometimes soon.

Anyway, here in NJ it’s been rainy and chilly for days. Our evening walk has now been plunged into darkness. As Fang pondered which roadside campaign sign to pee on next (he’s very non-partisan, although Corzine has the most signs here) I caught a glimpse of my shadow on the street caused by the streetlight behind us.

With the distortion of height, the bulkiness under my coat, the way my hair was blowing and the tie-shoes with the skirt, the shadow on the street was that of my grandmother. It was a little creepy at first, but extremely comforting. Like I was being watched over on a dark, chilly, raining evening.

And as she was a firm believer in angels and ghosts and otherworldly beings that helped you out…who am I to question? 🙂

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