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Busy weekend!

Another Sunday night…another weekend flown by.

Here’s a quick wrapup in reverse chronological order.

Tonight is the WWE Royal Rumble. Even though I’ve really fallen away from following pro wrestling like I used to, the Royal Rumble is one of my favorite events. Mom’s hosting it.

Thor and I had dinner at the Olive Garden. Before that, we had our third Swing Dance class. Just when we think we’re really progressing, the teacher introduces another step. This week we went over hand changes and various kinds of holds. Hm. That DOES sound like Pro Wrestling.

Last night Thor and I went out with John and his girlfriend Kristen on a double date (!!). We went bowling. I did pretty well…bowling a 111 in the first game and 130 in the second. I wonder how good I’d get if I bowled more often. There’s a bowling alley right near South Jersey’s BEST newspaper, and I’m always tempted to go there on Fridays during lunch and play a game or two. I also mustered up the courage to show off my sub-par Dance Dance Revolution skillz in the arcade as we were waiting for a lane. We had a great time – I think we make a pretty cool foursome.

Yesterday Mom cooked a turkey dinner for Thor, John, Kristen, and me. Yum!

Thor and I played some City of Heroes yesterday afternoon.

Friday night was the Wings home opener! Unfortunately, they lost to the Buffalo Bandits, and the team is now 1-2 for the season. The game was amazingly short too – only 2 hours. Usually the fights and penalties bring the time closer to 2:15.


Even though it’s only my first full day on Proactiv, my skin feels so soft. The flakiness wasn’t present today. Although the “Skin Repair” cream is a skosh burny in spots (the spots with spots, to be exact), it’s no worse than any other of the creams I’ve applied in the past. The toner smells like sulfur. But really…if something doesn’t smell disgusting these days, it’s only because there’s been ‘fragrance’ added to it.

Still feeling blue. But thankful for the wellwishes. I’ll get out of it.

Remember the bit where some nut spins plates on top of poles? By the time he gets to the end of the line, he has to comically run back and get the first plate spinning again, for it’s starting to wobble dangerously. That’s how I look at my life.

There’s a work plate that I have spinning somewhat gracefully — just a wobble here and there. There’s a family plate that’s spinning solidly. There’s a relationship plate – that’s spinning solidly too. The homekeeping plate is slowing down, but in no danger of tumbling to the ground. At the far end of the row is my ‘self’ plate. That one’s going haywire. Luckily, I noticed it wobbling erratically, so I got to the pole in time.

Now to spin it…

Happy Birthday, Dad!!


I JUST found this online: Oh no, January 24th! . Turns out that January 24th is the most depressing day of 2005!! Damn if I’m NOT a trend-follower.

Plus, I also received an exciting package in the mail.

Me: (one day last week) I don’t know…I don’t want to go back to the dermatologist. It can’t be healthy to be on antibiotic ALL the time.
Thor: Back when I was in retail (pharmacy…he used to be the pissed off man in the lab coat behind the counter of a MAJOR drug store chain) a lot of the customers swore by Proactiv. You should try—
Me: (runs to the computer…leaving a trail of dust behind)

…and a nasty note from the mailman. “Have the walkways clear of snow & ice” is written on the back of my Courier-Post W2 envelope. Um…okay. I took Max on his walk tonight, and we are definately in the upper 10% of houses when it comes to clear walkways. We had a bit of wind and melting, that’s all.

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