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Black Friday postmortem

15 hours after we embarked on our endeavor, I am home.

We dined at Buca di Beppo, then fueled by Pepto Bismol, we went to The Promenade to cap off our night. It was powerful cold, so we only mustered the energy to do two stores:

  • Blue Tulip (Mom bought me an ornament for driving her around all day.)
  • Douglas Cosmetics Bought nothing, but discovered Too Faced, a cosmetic company that makes lip balm called “Bunny Balm” and has an eyeshadow color named “George and Weezy.”

    What we do sounds insane when you read it. Right now my feet are aching, and I’m exhausted. My face is red from the wind and cold. And you may even be wondering: “Why did you even bother, since you only mangaged one gift in 15 hours?”

    Because I love to throw myself into the Holiday and that means rubbing elbows with the thousands of harried shoppers and admiring the gorgeous decorations and listening to the carols that warm my heart. People complain about the holidays all the time. But we saw very few miserable people today. Most of our fellow shoppers had broad smiles as they looked for items to give their loved ones.

    Because it’s Mom and I together, smiling and laughing constantly as we try to see how many stores we can visit in the course of the day. Oh, and how many premiums (gift cards, giveaways, etc) we can snatch up. There were times today I laughed so hard that my eyes teared up.

    But right now, I’m off to soak in the tub. Then back down here in towel and bathrobe with a glass of egg nog to write. I have photos, naturally, but they’ll be up tomorrow.

    (Also tomorrow, rival weight-loss blogger, I go back to the gym and start scaling down the meals. Be afraid.)

  • Black Friday

    We’re still managing to kick Black Friday’s ass and send it crying to it’s Momma.

    We took the Patco Hi-Speedline to the 8th and Market Streets in Philadelphia. Shopped…

  • Strawbridge’s (This one had my coat, in my size, still too expensive)
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Starbucks, but the line was too long
  • Lord and Taylor (Saw the legendary Christmas Light Pageant I saw this as a tiny girl, and it was a kick to see that even though the store’s ownership has changed thrice, the light show remains)

    We strolled down Chestnut Street and after soaking in the holiday mood, trained back to South Jersey.

    Next on the agenda? Dinner! Then more shopping! Woo-hoo!!

  • Black Friday, 2004

    We arrived at Sears at 5:45 for its 6:00am opening…the prize was a cherished $10 gift card given to the first 200 people. The line snaked around the corner of the building. We were hopeful, but alas, we arrived too late.

    Other stores hit so far:

  • Strawbridge’s (Moorestown)
  • Rack Room shoes (remind me to tell you about this)
  • JC Penneys (missed getting the free Mickey Mouse snowglobe)
  • Strawbridge’s (Cherry Hill — my coat…sold out)
  • Silver Diner (Me: Caramel French Toast and a hot cocoa – NOT the way to beat the other esteemed blogger in the weight loss race)
  • Target (Christmas lights galore for our house! Don’t tell Thor…)
  • Courier-Post (Sucks…I forgot to turn something in that I had 4 weeks in advance to do. Today was the last day)
  • Old Navy (Apron to be seen on start date for that yet)
  • Home Depot (Fish out of water, we were)

    Now I’m at Mom’s, where we uploaded her COMPLETED novel, making Mom an official NaNoWriMo winner, and a true novelist. Don’t ask me about mine.

    NOW, we’re off to Philadelphia’s Market Street to experience Christmastime in the City.

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