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January 31, 2003

So…I skipped lunch again, because I had my customer-service-page mojo going. (South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper will probably hate it.) Zipped to the mall after work, picked up some cards & a Sam Goody gift card for Mark. And a Subway sandwich. John called to see when I was going to the gym. I said not until 4:00. BUT…since I had picked up combination locks for both of us (We have to lock our jackets up now in the lockers…can’t bring them into the gym anymore) he asked if he could come over and pick it up.

He did. AND he was MEAN enough to actually WAIT for me to go to the gym. Like he didn’t trust that I was going to go anyway. The nerve!

So I did over 2 miles on the elliptical machine. Burned almost 300 calories. Did 10 assisted chinups and 15 ab crunches. (I want to be able to wear belly-baring shirts this summer — watch them not be in style anymore). And I feel like crap. Now I’m going to take a shower, pay my credit card bill online and head out to Mom’s. Party at 6:00.


January 31, 2003 – morning

(waiting for ads to generate — seems most of my job is just waiting on other things to be given to me)

Wt: 142.4…VERY interesting…
Mood: In a Friday state of mind
Work docket: Did Entertainment section, will construct war poll, Hot properties, and continue w/Customer Service page
Lunch plans: Well, I brought a frozen lunch, but I’ll probably go out, since I have to get a card for Mark.
Afternoon: Gym. Blech. Just when my neck starts feeling better, it’s time to wack it out again.
Evening: Mark’s 18th birthday party at 6:00 pm. (early start time presumably because Mark will want to go out later)
Weekend: Wings game tomorrow night @ 8:00.

I am so loving my hair! I feel striped!

January 30, 2003 – evening

What a cool day!

I ip-skayed lunch and headed home at 1:00 to see my new dining room set. With my Lenox Kelly China in place, it looks fabulous. I still have a lot of rearranging to do in there, else I’d post a pic. Patience, reader…

Hair: I went to Salon at the Ritz without a clue as to what I wanted. Luckily, my stylist Donna is an artistic genius. She suggested that I get chunky blond highlights through the reddish/strawberry I already have. I’m very happy with it — it’s the best of both worlds. The highlights really give me the brightness and sunnyness I was looking for.

This evening, I took Pain out hunting again, and did pretty well money-wise. I’m creeping ever so much closer to level 56. I tried to accompany the guild to see a friend hit level 126 (the highest you get in AC — pretty effects) but I was too slow and lagged way behind. I died once on the run and was about to die again when I recalled out. 🙁 Oh well…I told them I’d throw a HUGE party when I turned 126. LOL…

Neck is still stiff, but eating plan is doing VERY well. Now I’m going to shoot the dog and hurl myself into bed. TGTF…..

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